Skills for Choosing Love

Choose Love Ministry Blog As a spiritual counselor and minister, part of my job is to offer relationship advice. This week I thought I might share a bit about the relationship model I use that works with any kind of relationship you might have - child/parent, romantic, friendship, or even co-workers. Below is the image … Continue reading Skills for Choosing Love

Multi-Spiritual or Interfaith Relationships

Choose Love Ministry Blog I was raised in the Christian faith as was my husband. We didn't attend church when we dated and we got married by a Justice of the Peace instead of a minister in a church. Christianity was a culture for us as adults, not a practice. The culture of Christianity, as … Continue reading Multi-Spiritual or Interfaith Relationships

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages is based on the book by Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. Jay and I took a workshop on the topic and we were blown away by this simple, yet profound wisdom in this training.  We learned a lot and it helped us get beyond a few … Continue reading The 5 Love Languages

Spiritual Wisdom of Imbolc

Spiritual Messages from Choose Love Ministry Founder, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney Groundhog Day is here! In ancient days it was known as Imbolc and the “reason for the season” was much more purposeful and spiritual.  Imbolc is a pagan holiday celebrated from February 1 through sundown February 2. Based on a Celtic tradition, Imbolc was meant to mark … Continue reading Spiritual Wisdom of Imbolc

Spiritual Support for Addiction Recovery

Spiritual Messages from Choose Love Ministry Founder, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney Why do we become addicted? We can place blame almost anywhere - our childhood, our parents, traumatic events, chronic health issues, abusive relationships, and even that we just got into the habit and couldn't stop. Addictions ruin our relationships, careers, mental and physical health, … Continue reading Spiritual Support for Addiction Recovery

January 2021 Energy

Spiritual Messages from Choose Love Ministry Founder, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney 2021 is off to a start. We're still dealing with much of the baggage from last year and people are finding it hard to know where to start and what direction to head. There is a trend to choose your word for the year. … Continue reading January 2021 Energy

Specialism and Our Polarized World

Specialism and Our Polarized World A conversation on the how ethnocentrism created a world of extremism and lack of compromise. Is the ability to compromise a thing of the past? Compromise takes a win-win mindset.  You have a desire to win something while seeing the need for the other side to win something as well.  … Continue reading Specialism and Our Polarized World

Patience through Upheaval

Patience in an uncertain world is difficult, to say the least.  When I drew the patience card from my oracle deck for this this week, I knew the universe was asking a lot.  There is some very scary stuff going on in the United States and across the globe; natural disasters, wars, famine, political upheaval, … Continue reading Patience through Upheaval

On Giving Unsolicited Advice; Just don’t.

  I turned fifty last fall.  I'm still in shock about it.   I don't feel fifty years old.     What the heck does fifty even feel like anyway?  No idea, but it can't be this! Why, I don't feel a day older than when I was twenty. I sure wish I looked twenty, LOL! Perhaps … Continue reading On Giving Unsolicited Advice; Just don’t.

Gift Your Valentine Freedom

Weekly Wisdom   This week's #ChooseLove  Broadcast was on the topic of Attachment vs Non Attachment.  Jay and I talked about how we get so attached to our stuff and to relationships that those things end up controlling our lives, instead of us being in control of ourselves. Attachment is a mental construct; something created … Continue reading Gift Your Valentine Freedom